by Secnd Best

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Recorded mostly at the Halfway House, partially at the Irican House and all within a completely reasonable span of time by Robert Rios and Joni Krieger. C & P 2015 Secnd Best


released November 14, 2015

Thanks to anyone who is everyone: our ladies, buddies, bands, family etc...

Secnd Best is: Kyle Ikola, Matt Dodak, Joni Krieger & Brian Ward who all play their respective instruments. (orororororororororororororororororororororororor!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?)
Kyle sings with a guitar hanging from his shoulders
Matt guitars with a microphone somewhere near his mouth sometimes
Joni sings and basses with a median pH of 7.14
Brian drums and never mistakes his mic stand fro auxiliary percussion.

All songs written by Secnd Best except "...Phase." Big round of applause owed to the fuckin' Faithless Saints (feat. Joey K.) for accompanying us in the creation of that coherent masterpiece. Honorable mention to spiritual adviser Daniel Wheeler for not asking too many questions while documenting that peculiar session.

Jodee Wheeler snapped all band photos with assistance from wee Roland.

Quote at beginning of "450 Volts" borrowed from "Obedience," an excellent/disturbing film documenting Dr. Stanley Milgram's shock experiment.

Mastered by Justin Phelps at Cloud City Sound



all rights reserved


Secnd Best Portland, Oregon

Secnd Best has been playing together for over ten years. The craft is mostly honed, the instruments mostly tuned and boys mostly willing.. all they need are your ears with fingers or other dampening devices jammed deep into cochlea. Love, us.

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Track Name: 450 Volts
I’ve betrayed my last bit of sanity
I can’t even think of my home or my family
But the drugs are nothing next to the pain they will cause
Even a Nazi doctor would spare his applause.

It’s better this way
We define humanity
With every breath that I take

I try to keep my eye on past mistakes not everyone has an escape from the poverty
No wallet to store the golden rule

450 volts
These are the rules of engagement!
Round up everyone
Take everything possible
If it looks like the enemy…Shoot it!!!!
This. Will. be…

You can just wish it away
This is not reality
That’s the American way

But not for us we will rise up we’ll seek the truth, expose all atrocities

We will make those responsible pay
We might even have the numbers today
I don’t have all the answers I don’t know what it’ll take
I just know somewhere the worst shit possible happens everyday.
Track Name: My Ambitious Horse, Charlie
It seems as though I am consistently fighting something that seems dead-set on preventing me from doing anything that might carry with it the slightest bit of satisfaction. Of peace-of-mind — a formidable prize. Of disaster-induced necessity. And what a pity it is that I would ever feel obliged to drag all of these tattered guises behind my ambitious horse, Charlie, when they don’t even germinate or come to term. And he stands at the ready yet, uninspired at the edge of this docile field. It seems as though something has transpired behind these once dormant walls.
Track Name: Death After Life
You don’t own what you have you are owned by what you have
Daddy let me drive it
Mommy let me buy it

The more you give the more they take
You should give our resources a fucking break

Your child’s not a miracle just a mistake

You only love them while they are malleable (Your love is one)
You truly love them while they’re are malleable (I have to buy)
Harden a mold of them while they’re still malleable…whoops (Not to decide)
Track Name: A Falling Knife Has No Handle
Boy, you’ve such frustration now; scrawl it on a bathroom wall, something clever and profound; stake your claim in the unrest. To be painted over next day by underpaid employee who’s just doing what he’s told, an un-recruited thinker in this cause you can’t define. Son, you’re an up-and-comer now; help me help you cheat by the rules. In this, together, we’ll go far — migrating, swift, well-weathered sharks. But I’ve got values sir, I strive to draw a straight, absolute line the likes of which I’d never cross if it meant debasing my beloved democratic process! (You’ll value what’s important to major campaign contributors. Don’t try to stand on moral ground we’ll find another smiling talking head who’s willing to comply!) A falling knife has no handle. Success breeds a lineage to supersede, to dominate the meek. The prize: personal gain, satisfactory device.
I cannot say that I might ever define or describe a path to an equally fulfilling life, the standards to which everyone concedes, the common steps not consequent to socially acceptable individual greed. Don’t try to catch this falling knife.
Track Name: Method
When did thinking
Become a stair to a ceiling
No where to go
But down, down
I can’t convince
Myself it’ll be alright
Or just be glad
Glad to just be alive

I can’t even leave the house
And I know that I’ve got no right
Now I can’t help it
Track Name: Everyone's a Cynic
Well I’ve got propriety and circumspect like a third-grade book report: citing scenes that made me laugh — nondescript, quaint anecdotes. Well discretion and insight only seem to consort often enough so that I have to save them up for special occasions. And now I’m just tired of trying to explain this in scattered, obtuse metaphor. Darling, please, if you’d just read my mind I promise you will find I think in obliques, like a dark room spectrum; there’s no significance in assumed intentions. I’m stretched thin and self-involved, not evolved, and these faults I can approach with resolve. The outcome seems simple yet constantly seems to evade my straining mind. And now we all know that the buffalo population just cannot sustain such heavy losses.
Track Name: Easier Than I Thought
It’s so easy to be negative
Your personality is a sedative
I know my subject line is repetitive
But trust me I shouldn’t keep this bottled up

It’s so easy to be negative
When everyone you see is drowning
And they cling to you
Sometimes helping just means drowning too
Track Name: No Point
Ebb and flow
Rise and fall
We are so small
Track Name: Bright Side of Nothing
In a sense what we sense is recompense for all we are for all we are
This consciousness this curse this gift
An experiment
A fucking Petri dish

Looking back through history there’s a constant feeling that man should be
A creature of privilege and grace a rising voice shouts about face
We come to me the modern man pessimistic lines pick in my hand
They’re reminders through this human race that the finish line is still a grave
Yeah still a grave
And I’m fine with that

I’m beginning to look on the bright side of nothing

Will we ever follow a moral compass that doesn’t lead to eternal life?
Be content
Might as well
Live your life

In a sense what we sense is recompense for all we are for all we
Our faith in scientists
Who make revelations full of explanations
Without comprehension what is it worth?
Turns out unraveling the fabrics of life only turned out to be the wool pulled over our eyes
And that’s when I realized

I’m beginning to look on the bright side of nothing
Track Name: Origin Guessing Game
Evolutionist so wrapped up in your scientific explanations yet cocooned in thick excuses, which hide the fact that you’re just as in the dark as they are. Those blind-faith whores claiming a verbal outburst from “G”od brought us here. So, I guess it really does make more sense that atoms collided randomly and here we are, billions of years later. Billions of years of scientific fact doesn’t excuse throwing a dart at our origins blindfolded and hitting somewhere around the outer edge, not doubling your score. More like a detriment to your validity. I’d say your theory is as good as mine, but you asinine jackass, I don’t claim to know or pretend to accurately assume and am certainly not pretentious enough to believe I have the slightest idea of how life ma-fucking-terialized [sic]. But it wasn’t god & it wasn’t random, it wasn’t executive benevolence motherfucker!
Track Name: Big If
If I am nothing more than an amalgamation of my experiences and perceptions thereof, (then) it is my responsibility as a person to analyze and process every interaction I encounter in an attempt to bolster my character. Anyone who is content living under the phrase “I am what I am and there’s no use changing that,” is a sullen, lethargic waste; a self-indulgent leech who draws off the ever-weakening vein of altruistic thought. Of course we all have a basic outline indicating our personality, but this does not tell us who we are. This is only an outline and all too often I fear we forget to color outside of the lines with the ultimate goal of creating a much larger, much more beautiful, meticulously pieced together work of art. I am currently the product of twenty-six years worth of thoughts and emotions and my, admittedly, juvenile ability to interpret them.
Track Name: Ship In a Bottle
I’m a ship in a bottle set adrift on the high seas
And this ship also happens to be a couch fused to me
And this bottle that I’m stuck in is sometimes a can
If drinking alone’s the water then with friends it’s the land

I’m a ship in a bottle
If alcohol can be a gas I’m the throttle

I can usually make it through the day
But it’s at night no light I need a fucking drink!

Maybe just one drink
How bout just one more
What time is it?
Drive me to the fucking liquor store!

I’m a ship in a bottle
Track Name: You'd Better Make Goddamn Sure This Isn't Out of Phase
You shouldn’t feel pride about what you felt proud about initially. Yeah Jesus cares about you, well so does Santa but he don’t bring you no presence. The hole is in the drum, but who is the drum? We’ve spent nights spinning (spanning)… I can live with the position I’m in though.
Track Name: This World
Constitution prostitution I keep waiting on the revolution
Can’t believe all the shit I see
All this pain is numbing me
So I throw the world down the fucking drain
I can’t see it but there’s still a stain
This is a call to arms via liquor store
What the fuck aren’t we fighting for?

Fuck this world (make our own)
I know I’m not alone

I’m just smart enough to know the truth
And that’s just smart enough to realize that there’s just no use
Unless we tear it down and rebuild it up
They’ve had it all and we’ve had enough
Right now they’re the strong and we’re the weak
It’s time we let our numbers speak
But first present a case that they can’t refute
And if they do you're fucking screwed yeah!

Fuck this world (make our own) X3
I know I’m not alone